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It’s very fun to watch over her. Youngji is surprised and amazed at everything she sees. For example, she’ll be watching with amazement when the LED screen is being moved by a staff member. All those little things will spark something in her. When we watch her so amazed then, I will remember that we also looked at those things in amazement.

September 17 + 474
hi :) may i know how do you make a HD gif? i want to learn from you :)

i don’t really have a defined way to make gifs… i like expirimenting! sometimes i simply use normal sharpen filter, sometimes smart sharpen and lately i’ve been messing around with topaz denoise/clean but i’m not very good with that ^^;; if you have a more specific uestion (like about a certain gifset i made??) i’d be happy to help

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Sistar for ceci

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kim taeyeon - holler teaser

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You’re beautiful but you don’t even try.

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